Cat Nativity

February 2, 2009

It’s not much of a secret that I’m not so big on the whole religion thing. But I’ve decided to make an exception to my rule of generally not supporting anything that has to do with Christianity.

I have a coworker who received a cat nativity scene for Christmas, predictably from a wacky aunt. When I say cat nativity scene, I mean that all of the manger characters in this set are cats–baby Jesus, Mary, and all the other folks that were “there”.

This coworker thankfully saw a regifting opportunity in this treasure and asked me if I wanted it. I don’t want to consider the implications this has on her perception of me, especially because I was also the recipient of some regifted ceramic hula girl salt and pepper shakers from her that I just love.

Do I even have to tell you what my answer was? I hope not. 

Next year, this will be proudly displayed near the Christmas tree. Praise Jesus!

Cat nativity

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15 Responses to “Cat Nativity”

  1. jasonhenle said

    If you believe in god then this nativity scene is blasphemy and therefore you shouldn’t display it.

    However, you don’t believe so all bets are off, game on baby Jesus!

  2. Christa said

    Holy crap. That is amazing. I just showed it to my co-worker and we are enjoying Baby Jesus the kitten.

  3. Sweet Kitten Jesus on a cardboard box! Thats fantastically horrific.

  4. jasonhenle said

    The Baby Jesus kitten is totally the best part.

  5. Lisa E. said

    Hahaha! I found this while Googling “cat nativity”. I wish someone would give me one of these for Christmas!

  6. gail said

    I have the same nativity scene with dogs.but i was looking to buy the cat nativity scene for my sister but can’t fine one.

  7. Melanie said

    I found this last year and it’s been sold out with no idea of when they’ll get it back in. I really wanted to get this for my mom. If anyone can find it for the $14.99 price, please let me know!!!

  8. SUE FEENEY said


  9. beverly said

    you can buy this cat nativity scence at for $34.95 it’s a rescue store for cats so your money goes to saving some poor kitty cat.

  10. beverly said

    here is the phone number to this store to buy this cat nativity (207-793-2992)plus the web site is good luck to who ever buys this.i have the dogs and i just got the cats for my sister-in law for christmas.

  11. Hedi Kolb said

    my name is Hedi. I´m a cat lover. I own 3 adopetd cats and run a catsitter service.
    All I wish for Christmas would be the cat nativity scene I discovered the cat nativity scene last year at
    The sad things is….collectionsetc. does not want to ship things to Germany. Until I found someone who was willing to help me, the item was sold out.
    If there is someone out there who got the cat natitivity scene and does not want it, I would be glad to buy it. I offer 50,– Euro plus shipping costs and customs. Paid by deliverence
    Hedi Kolb
    88 Bgm-Fuchs-Str.
    D-68169 Mannheim
    Cell Phone +49-621-0177-3234861

  12. beverly said

    dear hedi try going on they are bidding on them right now.good luck beverly from north carolina

  13. Lisa said

    Hi, I have this set!!! It is awesome….beautiful and cat lovers adore it. My question is where did your co-worker get it originally. Mine just came in styro and has a number on the box, and says china…..Where can I purchase some more for my friends????? It is truly a beautiful nativity, and yes I am a christian lady in the choir!!! Thank you sooo much!!!

  14. beverly said

    they are selling them on they sold out on check out the web site they have great stuff for christmas.

  15. monique said

    Oh I love this I really want to find one for my family. We love cats and this would go perfect in our home.

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